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Breeders of the Future

Welcome to HARPG!


:star: This is the official Deviantart community
for the Horse-Art Role Play Game :star:

A fun Art-based game, HARPG encourages creativity and the on-going practice of one's art. Here in this group we encourage practicing equine art, and horses you create can be registered here for all to see. Roleplaying horses is also a good break to get away from commissions, life or school.

We are open to, and have members of, all levels of art; from beginners, to teachers and even published illustrators. We accept all forms of HARPG-related art, including model horses, digital work, traditional pieces and photo-manipulations.

This is also a wonderful place to meet and find other equine artists/lovers on Deviantart.

Due to the success of our group, a great many sister-groups have blossomed, all ranging from wolves and cats, to show dogs and fantasy, and even farm animals and camels!

Our very baseline rule is, "It doesn't exist until you draw it." So, let your dreams take wing!

Member badges

Horse-Art-RPG Badge by Danesippi

Amazing CSS by the lovely KwehCat
Wonderful new icon by the lovely Hymnsie
Gorgeous badge by the lovely Danesippi

Club Submission Guidelines:

Note: These rules only apply to submitting art to this club. They do not dictate how you may play the game.

:bulletorange: We do not accept premade linearts.
:bulletorange: We accept adoptables.
:bulletorange: Ref sheets may have flipped lines to show the opposite side of the design, these lines MUST be the same.
:bulletorange: We accept all stable journals. If your journal is filled with premade lines for references that's okay, we just won't accept those particular refs to the gallery if you choose to submit them separately from the journal.
:bulletorange: Stable journals need to have at least one horse in them before we can accept them into the club's gallery.
:bulletorange: No swearing or vulgarity please.
:bulletorange: All forms of art is accepted in this club's gallery. Please make sure to give credit to stock artists if you have used their work.
:bulletorange: We do accept traced art.
:bulletorange: At this time we do not accept breed sheets.
:bulletorange: We do not accept incomplete Your Horse Here's. Only once they are coloured will we accept them into the gallery.


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I hope it's okay that I simply ask here.. I don't understand so much about HARPG.. It would be SO nice if there was someone explaining me how this all works (training, breeding, competitions ...).
Thanks for every comment!
TashHARPG Apr 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm real new to HARPG, is it possible to join up into someone else's stable? Creating a stable is not my cup of tea.
Hymnsie Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Creating a stables is sort of the whole base for harpg, Im not sure what youre expecting to do without making a stable.. I think some people team up with friends.. but really, you should be able to make your own ^^;
daggerstale Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just submitted two training images to the wrong folder. They're supposed to go in the training images folder. I'm dreadfully sorry I was so unobservant. No, I disagree! 
Hey there! I haven't been able to find the affiliate button on your home page. Would you be able to affiliate with my group HARPG-Orienteering? Thanks! :D
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